At Thecoinyard, we have been continually transforming the capital management industry to open up financial markets to everyone from anywhere.


We have been born in the digital world by keeping the mission in mind of changing the investment world: to make investing accessible to everyone, from anywhere, and to reduce dependence on traditional financial institutions.


Bitcoin is the first and most famous virtual currency created in 2009 by a person (or group) named Satoshi Nakamoto.

The aim was to create a new electronic money system that is completely decentralized, has no central authority, and is based on cryptography, transparency, and the consensus of miners who contribute to the creation of a new cryptocurrency every day.

Certainly, Bitcoin has completely changed the concept of money and the way financial services work as we have understood it so far. Undoubtedly, his appearance was a blow to the table that changed the rules of the game, and keeping this in mind we have created our decentralized crypto trading platform to fulfill the needs of our users who believe in financial freedom.

With a passion for the world of cryptocurrencies and careful study of the market, we realized that buying Bitcoins was really complicated. In view of this situation, we have decided to create a decentralized system that provides solutions to these problems and converts the purchase of cryptocurrencies in a simple process to ensure the same level of security offered by others, and to become the Payoneer of this sector. From this idea and Illusion, we have created the Thecoinyard platform a simple and intuitive website that offers services throughout the world. Today Thecoinyard consists of a valid and solid team of people who continue to work with great passion and commitment to contribute to socio-economic development and leave small traces.


Today it is not so easy to find a universal exchange to market all financial market instruments with a high degree of security. You should be fulfilled either with customary Forex exchanging suppliers purposefully attached to the dollar and requiring revelation of all close to home data at enrollment, or turning into a customer of one of the cryptocurrency exchanges, and whose assets they have nothing but cryptocurrencies. The market is notable for the fact that companies try to combine all possible financial instruments in one place and do it safely for the consumer.

This summary is dedicated to the THECOINYARD trading platform, offering such a hybrid product with a unique next-generation Bitcoin trading standard, allowing you to participate in the dynamic cryptocurrency exchange, including ICO and airdrops from a single account.

Thecoinyard launches its online decentralized global platform during the era of a deadly pandemic to facilitate the work from home concept. Thecoinyard is a cutting-edge investing platform that enabled anyone, anywhere, to invest online. The platform includes professional tools for both beginner and advanced investors.

The world’s most attractive and easy to use crypto trading platform which allows anyone, anywhere, to join the financial-technological revolution by being able to copy other successful investors through the innovative blockchain networks. The platform attracted attention in all parts of the world in no time.


With profound information on Blockchain innovation and cryptographic forms of money. We help people, trades, mining pools, token backers, venture assets, governments, and organizations to access, exchange, and oversee cryptographic forms of money and computerized resources ideally.

Being the entryway to frictionless business sectors, making the conventional budgetary framework outdated, the organization is comprised of in excess of limited individuals: professionals, innovative business people, specialists, quantitative dealers, lenders, legal counselors, and architects from enormous organizations.

We operate relentlessly around all-time phases and around the world with headquarters in India.


As a blooming company, we know the importance of smartphones which is the biggest innovation of the 21st century so our website along with all of the features is available on the play store and AppStore. Customers could perform any operation on the platform on the go from their Apple or Android smartphone.


We uphold different activities in the DeFi environment: communicating with conventions, giving liquidity, and taking an interest in networks spreading over decentralized loaning, edge exchanging, and other deemed financial applications. 100% of our systems are developed internally by us and we consider ourselves both a technology company and a commercial company; creating products, processes, and tools to change the universe, keeping in mind with the goal of enabling the markets which are crystal clear and transparent.


More crypto is supported than any other peer-to-peer exchange. All trading is secured by 100% open source escrow protection scripts or smart contracts. Free yourself from hyperinflation, financial exclusion, or arbitrary government controls. Transfer money internationally cheaply, even while making a profit! Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies on the market using bank transfers, PayPal, cash payments, and many other payment methods offered. Exchange Ethereum utilizing decentralized smart agreements, exchange Bitcoin in a split second without repetitive hanging tight occasions for the new public blocks. We offer a combination of the best available technology to ensure a smoother trading experience


THECOINYARD is a unique trade made by and for the individuals, the first multi-custodial exchanging network and the main commercial center that was really made and run by a whole people’s democratic crypto-network. We do not impose preferences on any particular cryptocurrency or technical philosophy on our users. If you are a libertarian user of those who think: “My keys, my coins”, we can assure you that you can trade with us with complete peace of mind through smart contracts and the guarantee that our team members will never be able to touch your funds. If all you want is to exchange Bitcoin quickly or arbitrage from other exchanges, we offer an Escrow system in our cold wallets. This is your platform, and you choose!


To Provide deemed financial freedom so individuals can spare, send and get cash without difficulties. Indeed, even in nations where discarding what one has earned through work is troublesome.

To maintain Optimism, honesty, closeness, transparency, perseverance, freedom, fidelity, effort, and rebellion against the monstrosity of the financial system.


One of Thecoinyard’s main goals is to remove barriers and make short- and long-term online investing more accessible to regular users. We want users to feel part of the platform from the beginning, regardless of when they join thecoinyard. In addition, we are aware that many people use multiple platforms to manage their capital online, so we constantly expand our product offering so that we can ultimately cover all your financial needs from one place.

We believe that people should be able to invest in more than just financial assets, for example, thoughts or feelings. On Thecoinyard, users can interact and benefit from the experience of others. Our platform is intuitive and easy to use. In addition, it makes even the most complicated operations, such as investing in stocks, a simple and interactive experience.


Unlike many platforms that can take weeks to deal with business issues or support tickets, our typical response time is minutes to hours. Our team is globally present and we cover almost all the EU languages for better convenience to our reputed clients. If there are problems with an operation you are a part of, you can alert our staff members and we will quickly get involved to mediate the problem and ensure that the cryptocurrency ends up in the hands of the rightful party. However, more than 99% of the trades on our platform are completed without a problem, and the typical feedback left by another trader is 5 stars.


A meticulous process of reflection after each decision and a constant desire for perfection lead Thecoinyard to offer the best possible experience for all our users. From the moment a person discovers our logo, we want to ensure that they feel at all times that we pay attention to even the smallest details.

To maintain top-notch quality these two factors “Openness and Transparency” are an integral part of the user experience on Thecoinyard. Whether it’s the ability to start a conversation with any user of the platform, including our CEO, or the fact that we don’t charge hidden fees and that our prices are clear and visible, we strive to ensure that our users feel that they have all the information they need to manage their finances on Thecoinyard.


Our growing and diverse community is located around the world. Our users prefer to chat and hang out on Telegram and You can also follow us on Twitter and contact us directly through the support portal.





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